While some homeowners choose to perform their own lawn maintenance many other homeowners opt for hiring a seasoned professional to care for their lawn on an ongoing basis. Lawn care services can vary quite a bit depending on the needs of the homeowner as well as the business itself. Here are a few of the many services offered by landscapers and lawn care companies.


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• Aeration

• Overseeding*

• Lime Soil Amendment*

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Flores lawn Service, we believe that life should be lived outdoors, and what better place than your own backyard? Your lawn is more than grass and shrubbery—it’s a space that should be an enjoyable escape for you and your family. For 12 years we’ve been dedicated to making yards across Lake Norman Catawba NC reach their full potential, and our decades of experience have allowed us to develop the most innovative solutions within the lawn care industry.



 When it comes to figuring out what to feed your plants, it can get overwhelming fast. Once you factor in the different types of fertilizers, the quality of your soil, and what exactly your individual plants need sometimes it feels easier to just skip the whole process. But if you’re not fertilizing your plants, they likely won't grow as well or bloom as much as you want. Besides sunlight and water, all plants require certain nutrients to thrive, and if you don’t occasionally replenish their supply, they can end up having health issues. Here's what you need to know to keep your plants looking their best.


As residents of the Catawba Country, we are no strangers to harsh winters and plentiful snowfall. Though snow storms turn the area into a picturesque winter wonderland, they can also put a damper on travel plans. Snow can make it virtually impossible to get in and out of driveways and difficult to get around on otherwise easily navigable streets. While snow can be a wonderful thing, it can also pile up on driveway leaving motorists and their vehicles stranded. Luckily, Flores Lawn Service, LLC provides a high quality Snow Removal Service in Catawba Lake Norman


Sure, there are great blooms and wondrous nature sights to enjoy in a garden -- but it takes hard work and lots of care to get there. From choosing the best plants for your yard to deadheading and watering.

Retaining wall

Geogrid is a ground reinforcement fabric which provides strength to retaining walls and helps to prevent against collapse. In order to provide effective stability, geogrid is placed in multiple layers within the retaining wall. (see illustration below)

Front Of Lake Norman

Roy Flores & Edwin Flores

We have been in this job since 2011 and we work for your lawn that looks good in your home and we try to make your gardening look super better for your home and here we are to give you a better service

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I work for flores lawn service and I take care of making the estimates and offering you the best price and giving you a good service and save money on your projects trying to do the best for your projects


They do a great job I recommend them

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I have been working with this company for 5 years and I have no problems, they do a good job

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They cut down some trees in my house in front of the lake norman and I recommend them 100% I feel happy with these people

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